Acupuncture - Sterile, single-use, thin needles are punctured through the skin according to the appropriate point - or ‘acupoint’. Depending on the location of the acupoint, the needle will be adjusted to the correct depth in order to achieve a therapeutic effect. The World Health Organization has a comprehensive list of all the things acupuncture is effective in treating. You can find the list by clicking here.


Cupping - A cotton ball is soaked in alcohol, ignited, then placed in a glass cup to create negative pressure resulting in a vacuum. The cup is placed on the skin and either remains stationary or can be moved if oil has been applied beforehand. Cupping usually results in cupping marks, which may last anywhere from a couple of days to 2 weeks, depending on the efficiency of your lymphatic system.

Good for: pain and muscular tension, relief of common cold or flu, anxiety, fatigue

Gua Sha - A smooth, flat tool, usually jade or quartz, is used to scrape the skin in small strokes until red marks called ‘petechiae’ appear. 

Good for: pain and muscular tension, relief of common cold or flu

Moxibustion - This is the burning of moxa (mugwort plant). Moxa may be applied directly on the skin in small cones or on top of an already inserted needle. If the moxa is in the form of a stick, it is waved above the skin by the practitioner.

Good for: poor circulation, fetus in breech position during pregnancy, strengthening the immune system

Electrical Stimulation - Small clips are attached to needles that have already been inserted. The clips are connected to a machine which generates continuous electrical impulses between two needles. The machine can be adjusted to change the frequency and intensity of the electrical impulse depending on which condition is being treated.

Good for: stroke, motor impairment, post-chemotherapy nausea and vomiting, chronic pain, neurological disorders


Ear Seeds - Small vaccaria seeds are placed on a piece of tape which is then applied to points on the ears corresponding to the area(s) of the body needing treatment. Usually the seeds are left in place for 3 days and the patient is instructed on how often to stimulate them. Ear seeds provide mild and constant stimulation and are good for extending the life of your acupuncture treatment by a few days.


During your visit, I will decide which modalities are most appropriate for your condition and discuss the benefits and risks with you. The cost of my services will includes the use of one or more modalities. 

INITIAL VISIT: 75 minutes with a consultation and treatment at $130


FOLLOW-UP VISIT: 60 minutes with a shorter consultation and treatment at $90


GUA SHA AND/OR CUPPING ONLY: up to 30 minutes at $45

PHONE CONSULTATION: 15 minutes at no charge (this consultation does not include a full intake or diagnosis)

Follow-up Treatment Packages


6 FOLLOW-UP TREATMENTS: $480 ($80 per treatment - savings of $100)

   ideal for more acute conditions


12 FOLLOW-UP TREATMENTS: $864 ($72 per treatment - savings of $216)

   ideal for more chronic, difficult conditions or for long-term maintenance of health throughout the year